Borax is a multi-purpose cleaner that has been around for ages and is made up of only one ingredient which is called boron. Boron is a mineral salt that contain acidic properties and is also naturally occurring, therefore making Borax a pretty awesome all-natural cleanser that can really do it all! Today we'll show you 5 Borax uses for the garden that are SO genius and SO clever you'll wanna run out and get yourself some Borax ASAP!

5 Borax Uses for the Garden

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#1. Augment Soil

Boron can add a lot of good components to soil, especially if your soil is deficient in boron. Simply adding boron to the soil can augment its quality and therefore give your a better, healthier crop! To find out if your soil is deficient of boron, you just have to look at your crops. A few telltale signs might be: dead leaf tips, darkened fruits/leaves, and cracker or hollowed stems.

#2. Fertilize

Borax can also be used to fertilize soil, but you must be very careful not to add too much as it can also kill off plants! For example, if you have a fairly large garden, you only need to use about 6 tablespoons of Borax to the entire garden. This needs to be tilled into the ground, so for a small, regular-sized garden, a tablespoon or two will suffice! You can also make a liquid Borax fertilizer by mixing one part Borax with 10 parts water. Spray onto your plants and voila!

#3. Kill Weeds

As mentioned above, Borax is also strong enough to kill plants, therefore it can also kill weeds. You can sprinkle Borax directly onto weeds or make a liquid solution by mixing equal parts Borax with equal parts water, just be careful not to spray on your good plants!

#4. Pest Control

To prevent ants from eating your crops, Borax can be mixed with sugar to create a an ant trap. Mix sugar and Borax (half and half) and add a little bit of water to create a paste. Spread this paste onto a surface such as a butter lip and place strategically into the garden. The ants will go to the paste, consume it, and eventually die off.

#5. Clean & Disinfect

And after a hard (but satisfying) gardening day, you'll need to clean and disinfect your gardening tools (or at least you should), and Borax makes an excellent cleaner! Mix half a cup or Borax with a gallon of hot water and clean your tools with it. This will not only clean and disinfect, but will also prevent mold and mildew.

So now that you know these 5 clever Borax uses for the garden, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

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borax uses for the garden

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