While orchids are beautiful flowers, they can be a little hard to care for, and if you don't properly care for them, they can die off pretty quickly. But once all of their basic needs are met, caring for orchids is not hard at all. Learn how to care for orchids and have a house-full of beautiful orchids in no time! Orchids can be found in several different colors and sizes, but whichever variety you choose, the care is going to be the same for all of them.

How to Care for Orchids

purple orchid

  • Most orchid varieties require most, well drained soil.
  • A basic mix for orchid soil would be coarse pearlite, fir bark, and moss. You can also add charcoal for extra nutrients.
  • Plant your orchids in shallow soil.
  • Place the plants in bright, indirect sunlight.
  • Preferably, place your orchids in an east to south-facing window.
  • Orchids prefer to be 15 degrees cooler at night than in the morning.
  • Let the orchids dry out between watering. Check the growing media – if it's dry, give it water, and if not, let it be.
  • For best indoor growth, your orchids will need adequate humidity, about fifty to seventy percent.
  • To keep the orchids humid, use a spray bottle or place a dish of water underneath filled with pebbles.
  • Fertilize weekly or bi-weekly while they are producing new growth.
  • Once grown, fertilize monthly or bi-monthly.
  • If your orchids stop blooming, that means it's time to re-pot. Simply move your orchid plant from its original pot and place it in another pot. Follow the same care rules as above.

Happy Planting!

how to care for orchids

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