Today we're going to show you how to grow lilies right in your own backyard! Lilies are a very popular flower most often known for their large, colorful petals. These trumpet shaped petals also emit a beautiful scent and that makes them perfect for any backyard! Provided that you plant them in the right place, growing lilies is actually quite easy since they don't require much care. Lilies are also great plants to grow in pots or containers, so whether you have a lot of space or not, lilies can be easily planted almost anywhere.

How to Grow Lilies in Pots or in Your Yard

white lilies

Planting Lilies:

  • Start planting your lily bulbs in the spring or fall.
  • Please note that lilies will not do well in USDA zones 9 or 10 since they need a cold, dormant period.
  • Choose well draining soil if planting in a pot or a site with well drained soil.
  • Place your bulbs in a sunny spot, where your lily flowers will get 6-8 hours of sun per day.
  • Loosen your soil to 12-15 inches in depth. Planting the bulbs deeper will protect the lily bulbs from soaring temperatures in the summer.
  • Add well-rotted organic matter to encourage good drainage.
  • Dig a hole about 2-3 times as deep as the bulbs are high and plant them pointy side up.
  • Fill the hole back up with soil and tap.
  • Plant each bulb about 10-18 inches apart.
  • For beautiful growth, plant lily bulbs in groups of 3-5 bulbs.

Caring for Lilies:

  • While your lily plants are growing, water frequently.
  • Place mulch around your lily plants to keep the moisture.
  • Apply a high potassium liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks from early spring until about 6 weeks after they start flowering.
  • Leave the foliage until it turns brown in the fall. This is so that the plant can store energy for next year's flowering.

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Lilies

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