No annual flower is easier and more fun to grow than marigolds! Learning how to plant marigolds in your garden is so easy, that even the most inexperienced gardener can do it without breaking a sweat! These flowers are super popular because they're show-stoppingly beautiful, but more so because they're in bloom all summer long, which makes for a pretty colorful garden! What's more is that marigolds are great when planted amongst veggie gardens because they'll keep pests at bay and give your garden a pop of color!

How to Plant Marigolds


Marigolds are colorful and have daisy-like or double, carnation-like flowerheads that are produced in clusters. There are about 50 different varieties of marigolds, but the three most planted and most popular are: African or American marigolds, French marigolds, and the dainty T. tenuifolia marigolds which are small and thrive in hot and dry climates.

French and T. tenuifolia marigolds should be planted in midsummer, while the African and American marigolds should be planted in early spring after the last frost.

Planting Marigolds:

  • Choose a spot with full sunshine. Marigolds love the sun and can take a hot summer!
  • Use moderately fertile, well draining soil, and prepare it by digging about 6 inches deep to loosen it. Remove any stones or rocks that may be underneath.
  • Sow directly into the garden once soil is warm. Plants will germinate within just days, and they'll be in full bloom in just 8 weeks!
  • Sow seeds about 1 inch apart and thin the seedlings while they're still small.
  • Once planted, water thoroughly.
  • Separate seedlings once they are 2 inches tall. Plant them in loose soil or in a pot or container.


  • Marigolds don't require deadheading, but if spent blooms are clipped, the plants will continue to bloom profusely.
  • Allow the soil to dry a little bit before watering, water in high heat and only at the base.
  • Do not fertilize marigolds while they are growing.
  • Add a layer of mulch to keep weeds from sprouting and keep soil moist.

So now that you know how to plant marigolds, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

Happy Planting!

How to Plant Marigolds

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