Mulberries are rarely found in stores, so that's why growing your own mulberries is not only delicious, but also a necessity (if you love mulberries of course!). Mulberry trees make for very interesting architectural shapes, and can grow in almost any space. They're sweet and delicious, but you may need to have a little patience…or a lot, because mulberry trees can take 8-9 years to bear fruit. But once they do, you'll have ripe mulberries to enjoy every year thereafter. Keep reading to learn more about how to grow mulberries!

How to Grow Mulberries in Your Garden

mulberry tree

Planting a Mulberry Tree:

  • Mulberry trees like deep, moist soil.
  • Make sure the soil is moisture-retentive.
  • Plant your mulberry tree in the spring, and stake it to prevent winds from rocking it back and forth.
  • Allow 16-33 feet in diameter for the tree to develop.

Caring for Mulberry Trees:

  • Ensure that the tree does not dry out in its first few years by keeping the soil moist.
  • In winter, apply a general fertilizer, and in the spring, cover with organic matter.
  • About a month after leaf fall, prune your mulberry tree.

Harvesting Mulberries:

  • A mulberry tree will take 8-9 years to bear fruit, so be patient.
  • Once the tree has fruit, simply shake the branches and lay a sheet on the ground to catch the mulberries.
  • You may need to wear gloves as mulberries stain.

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Mulberries

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