Goumi berries are a variety of berry that are not well known and which you probably won't find in your product isle! So what are goumi berries and how to grow them? These bright red, cherry-looking berries are absolutely delicious and can be eaten raw or cooked into jams, jellies, and preserves. What's really great about goumi berries is that they're hardy and therefore can thrive in almost any conditions!

Caring for Goumi Berries

goumi berry shrub

These very hardy shrubs can survive temperatures as low as -4F (-20C). Even if the above ground foliage dies during cold winters, the roots can still survive, and will regrow again in the spring.

The shrubs will also grow in any kind of soil from clay to sand, acidic or alkaline. They also do well in sun or shade, and will even tolerate salty sea air.

goumi berries

In short, goumi berries are SO tolerant of soil, air, temperatures, and sun, that anyone can grow them almost anywhere!

Simply water your shrub once the soil becomes dry, but make sure not to overwater!


Harvest your berries by picking them one by one, or by gently shaking the shrub and collecting the berries.

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Goumi Berries