For those with insomnia, and for those who toss and turn all night, these 4 best bedroom plants may just help you sleep a little better! You've tried relaxation techniques, drinking sleepy tea, and all sorts of pills, but have you ever tried adding some oxygen pumping plants to your bedroom? According to experts, having the right type of plants in your bedroom can help you sleep better and even cure insomnia! These 4 best bedroom plants that can help you sleep better are easy to get, will fill your space with much needed oxygen, and also add some greenery to your bouduoir!

4 Bedroom Plants That Can Make a BIG Difference

#1. Lavender

lavender in pot

Lavender is known to help those with sleep problems as it helps to relax the mind and the body. Just inhaling the scent of lavender can ease stress and anxiety, as well as lower your heart rate. Place a lavender plant or two in your bedroom and see the difference for yourself!

#2. Snake Plant

snake plant in pot

Snake plants are one of the best plants you can have in your own for a few reasons! They're very low maintenance, therefore they don't need a lot of care. They're produce a lot of oxygen, so you can breathe and sleep better, and they look great in any setting!

#3. English Ivy

english ivy in pot

English Ivy is known to absorb toxins and other pollutants from the air, therefore improving the air quality. Because of this, it will help you sleep and breathe better!

#4. Aloe Vera

aloe vera in pot

Aloe vera is one of those one-and-done plants because it can do SO much from helping to heal a cut or a burn, to improving the air quality. Have an aloe in each room of the house to purify the air and add a little tropical feel!

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Best Bedroom Plants

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