Succulents are super easy to grow, and they add a touch of modernism and freshness to any windowsill or garden! Today we'll show you how to grow succulents successful AND how to take care of them so they'll last you a lifetime! Succulents look great anywhere and everywhere in your home from your kitchen to your bathroom and even on your patio. These cute, hardy plants are super trendy right now because they're easy to grow and take care of!

How to Plant Succulents

Succulents worship the sun, so make sure you place them in a sunny spot, preferably a windowsill, or outdoors if the weather permits.

Plant your succulents in a shallow dish with plenty of soil. Once they grow big enough, you can easily transplant them to a bigger pot.

After your succulents have grown, it's time to start clipping the leaves so that they can multiply! This is a very important step that you do not want to miss, as succulents multiply very easy if you do it right!

succulent leaf

Simply snap off a leaf and make sure that it has a clean break. Place the leaf onto the pot with soil and let it lay there.

If the soil looks dry, water the soil around the leaf and try not to get any water onto the leaf. The broken leaf with absorb water directly from the soil.

Within just a few days, you should be able to see tiny little leaflets sprouting from the broken end of the bigger leaf. This means your succulent is starting to multiply!

Afterwards, roots will begin shooting out to the sides, trying to find their soil.

Once a few leaves develop from the broken off leaf, the old leaf will turn yellow and shrivel up.

Try to not transplant the new succulent until it has a solid and firm root system.

Why Should You Grow Succulents?

  1. They require minimal care! As long as they have some sun and are watered once a week or when the soil feels dry, they're pretty self sufficient.
  2. Succulents don't require big pots – you can use almost anything from a shallow kitchen dish to a soy sauce holder – anything you have will work!
  3. They don't need fancy soil – just dirt from your yard!
  4. They're cheap to grow! Once you purchase a $5 succulent plant, you can multiply that plant through the breaking off method we discussed above.
  5. Last but not least, they look absolutely adorable and will cheer up any area of your home or office!

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Happy Planting!

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