Learn how to propagate snake plant (aka Sansevieria) easily in water or soil, by leaf cuttings and the division of rhizomes.
A plant known as “sanseveiras” has many names: it can be called a “Snake Plant,” ‘ Bowstring Hemp', Mother In Law Tongue/Devil's tongue; however they all refer back-to its thick leaves with strings running through them–hence the names. Learn more about how to care for snake plants!

snake plant

Snake Plant Propagation Basics

If you want your cuttings and plants to grow, be sure that they are in bright light. Temperatures should stay above 45 degrees Fahrenheit (or higher), with temperatures ranging from 65-90 degree Fahrenheit as optimal ranges.

How to Propagate Snake Plant in Water

how to propagate snake plant in water
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Snake plant cuttings are often grown to rejuvenate and clone plants. The technique for reusing a leafy portion of the stem is simple. Just make an upside down V-shaped notch at the bottom with sharp knife. Then, place it in clean jar filled up just enough so that there's room for new root growth below where you'll be placing your cutting (you don't want anything too high above), then wait 3 – 5 weeks before watering again following which roots should start sprouting within another 2 or three more days after being left on their own as long/short cycles go depending upon how fast they grow.

How to Propagate Snake Plant in Soil

how to propagate snake plant in soil
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To root cuttings, simply plant them in a pot of soil and keep it moist. But don't allow the mixture to get too wet or dry! Once rooted, shallowly water your new plant with enough frequency so that its bottom 2″ is always compensated by absorbent ground material such as peat-based compost (or commercial rooting hormone). This method of propagating snake plants is great for those who just want to “set it and forget it”. You can place several different cuttings all in one pot to create a unique potted plant.

How to Propagate Snake Plant by Division

how to propagate snake plant by divison
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Division, in gardening and horticulture, is a method to propagate plants where the root clump from one part of your plants breaks off to be grown separately. You can take this technique even further by dividing an entire crown into two or more sections. Theset will each need their own space with fresh dirt before planting it back onto itself for increased growth! Propagating snake plants by division is a great way to ensure hat you get the exact same plant – down to the exact lines down the middle! If you choose to go this route, ensure that you snake plant is big enough!

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