Just because fall and winter are on their way, doesn't mean your gardening has to! These 12 winter gardening crops will grow beautifully underground, even while the climate is cold! So if you thought your gardening was over with, think again! These crops will thrive in cooler ground so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor all year round!

12 Winter Gardening Crops

Before planting anything for the winter, you need to think about your location. If you live in a cooler climate where winter may come a little earlier, you need to think about planting BEFORE the first frost.

It's also important to remember to clean any leftover herbs or vegetables you may have had over the spring and summer. Starting off with fresh, clean soil is important to avoid soil borne diseases.

Depending on the zone you live in, you may need to cover your vegetables overnight, but most of these veggies can be left in the ground over winter and dug up in the spring.

#1. Carrots

carrots 300x240

Plant carrot seeds before the first frost and leave them in over winter. Learn more about how to grow carrots.

#2. Turnips


Turnips, like carrots, are very cold tolerant as long as they are covered overnight. Read more about how to grow turnips.

#3. Beets


Beets, a close relative to the turnip, are easily grown over winter and will give you a beautiful crop in the spring. Learn more about how to grow beets.

#4. Garlic

harvested garlic

Garlic grows beautifully over winter, as long as you mulch heavily. Learn more about how to grow garlic.

#5. Onions

harvested onions

Mulch heavily and keep them covered at night, onions are a great winter crop to grow. Learn more about how to grow onions.

#6. Potatoes

harvested potatoes

Potatoes prefer cooler weather just as long as you plant them before the first frost.

#7. Leeks


Surprisingly enough, leeks actually prefer cooler weather and can be harvest all winter long. Mulch heavily and keep covered during frosty nights.

#8. Kale

kale plant

Kale and Swiss chard are cold weather crops that can be harvested all winter long, just like leeks. Learn more about how to grow kale.

So now that you know your winter gardening crops, it's time to roll up your sleeves and start planting!

Happy Planting!

Winter Gardening Crops

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