Pigeon peas can be grown for eating or purely for decorative purposes, but whatever your reason for growing pigeon peas, they're easy to grow and make for fun gardening! Learn how to grow pigeon peas, care for them, and harvest them in this DIY gardening guide!

Pigeon peas are also called Congo or Gunga peas are native to Asia and are usually grown in warm and tropical regions. Pigeon pea seeds are super healthy and contain 3 important amino acids: lysine, tryptophan, and methionine. In India, pigeon peas are often used to make lentil soup, while in the Dominican Republic and Hawaii, pigeon pea seeds are used for canning and they have a nutty-grainy taste.

How to Grow Pigeon Peas

pigeon peas

Planting Pigeon Pea Seeds:

  • Pigeon peas can be grown in USDA Zones 9 through 15.
  • Plant seeds 1 inch deep and 12 inches apart.
  • The plants will usually germinate within 10-15 days and pods will appear in 4 months.
  • The pods can be picked fresh for peas or left on the vine to dry.
  • Pigeon peas aren't too finicky about sun, shade, or soil – they'll grow in even the poorest conditions.


  • Not much care is needed for pigeon peas as long as the climate is warm enough!
  • Water once in a while.

So now that you know how to grow pigeon peas, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Pigeon Peas

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