Grapes are an absolutely delicious fruit you can grow and, surprisingly, they're not hard to care for at all! Today we'll show you how to grow grapes in pots, which is an excellent way to grow them especially if you're lacking space or you live in a cold climate.


USDA Zones: 3-10

Difficulty: Moderate

Soil pH: slightly acidic to neutral

How to Grow Grapes:

grapes in pots

Choosing a Pot

Choose a large and very sturdy pot or container that will be able to support the grapes' growing vines. A 15-20 gallon pot should be sufficient. You can always start with a smaller pot and then transplant once the plant gets bigger.

Choosing a Grape Variety

There are many grape varieties you can purchase, but your best bet is to head to your local nursery and ask which variety will thrive in your region. Some grape varieties prefer dry, warm weather, while others like a colder, wetter climate. For best results, try growing a dwarf grape variety, such as “Pixie”. The dwarf variety will not need a stake or trellis to climb on.

Planting Grapes

vertical grape trellis
Umbrella Kniffen Training Method
  • Plant grapes in the spring or summer so that there is no chance of frost. If you live in a tropical region, plant grapes in the winter.
  • Choose a location that is warm and sunny, where your plant will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight a day, as grape vines prefer full sun.
  • When growing grapes in pots, opt for a vertical trellis (a MUST) made out of wood or plastic. Train the vine on a stake so that your grapes can grow and spread out.
  • Use light potting soil that's loose, rich in organic matter, and well draining.
  • Water regularly and deeply and keep the soil moist but never over-water.
  • Do not place the plant in a wet and windy area.
  • Make sure the potted grape plant has enough air circulation around it to prevent fungal diseases.


  • Water regularly and deeply.
  • Fertilize with aged manure or compost. In the first year fertilize with a general purpose fertilizer in spring and summer. From the next year on, fertilize the plant with fertilizer that is low in nitrogen but high in potassium and phosphorous.


grapevine training

In order for grapes to grow, they'll need plenty of support and training. Choose a vertical support that's made out of wood or plastic. Train the grape vine on a tall, lightweight, and vertical trellis, or check out the above diagram for different training methods.

So now that you know how to grow grapes in pots, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

Happy Planting! 

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Grow Grapes in Pots
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